ODBVape is run by ODB Wraps – Multi-Award winning products based in the United Kingdom. Having years in the industry leading the way in innovation. We built ODBVape to bring more to the industry than we previously have done. To further expand our horizons and ODB family worldwide and to offer more to the big vape family.

CEO / Founder

Who are we?

Over 11 years behind this industry with much more to come… Ω

“This industry has expanded so much over the last 10 years, seeing new and old faces at the shows and watching as the ODB brand stretches as far as Peru to Japan. It has been an absolute honour to bring you my newest venture. ODBVape is a more versatile and competitive way in which to buy your vaping and E-cigarette gear. I am hoping to bring you some of the most random, exclusive and intrguing brands throughout the world over the coming years and to bring you your favourites too, at affordable prices. Lets see where this journey takes us. I for one, am very excited to see what happens next” – Chris – ODB

Bringing you ODB Wraps®, ODBVape™, ODB Design & MFG™, NuHope Skateboards™, NNE.ZRO.SX™, ODBM Co.™ and MUCH more coming soon!

Brighton store

133 western Road, Brighton & Hove, BN31DA


Seaford store

26 Sutton Road, Seaford, BN251RU